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K. Akshay Nayak

SEBI Registered Investment Advisor And Fee Only Financial Planner 

Comprehensive financial plans for a fixed fee (First year fee Rs 12,000). No commissions or incentives involved. To work with me, WhatsApp me on 9980909085 or E-mail me at so that we can set up an introductory call to take things forward. All introductory meetings, financial planning sessions and financial plan presentations will be conducted online. Physical or in person meetings with clients would NOT be conducted. 

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Who I Am And What I Do 

I am a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor and Fee Only Financial Planner (Registration Number INA200014672) based in Bangalore, offering comprehensive financial planning services to Indian individuals and Non Resident Indians (NRIs) for a flat annual fee. I have been practicing as an advisor and financial planner since May 2020. I hold an MBA in Finance from Great Eastern Management School, Bangalore (October 2017). I have been an independent investor since July 2017. 

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A Brief Timeline Of The Events That Got Me Here

July 2017 - Opened my trading and demat account. Began by trying my hand at trading stocks. Quickly realised it was not my cup of tea and transitioned into a long term investor. 

October 2017 - Obtained my MBA degree, majoring in Finance.

November 2018 to May 2019 - Did a 6 month internship with a financial services firm in Bangalore. It was a well paid internship and travel was a non issue. But the way most people in my team operated did not always agree with my sense of ethics. Being someone who has always tried to do things the right way, I was not at peace with the work I was doing.

May 2019 - Decided to quit the financial services firm and do things on my own, the right way. Decided that being a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor was what I wanted to do.

July and November 2019 - Cleared NISM Investment Advisor Level 1 and Level 2 exams. Was also introduced to the concept of Fee Only Financial Planning.

May 2020 to Present - Recieved my SEBI RIA Certificate in May 2020. Have been practicing as a Fee Only Financial Planner till date. 

May 2023 - Inducted into Fee Only India (FOI), a community of flat fee financial planners from all over India who observe the highest ethical standards when serving their clients. 

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Services Offered

To understand the core services I offer my clients, click the link below

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Approach, Process And Fees 

To understand my approach to financial planning, what an engagement with a client works and the fees I charge for my services, click the link below. Anyone who wishes to work with me on a financial planning engagement must make it a point to visit this page and go through it thoroughly. It would give a clear idea of what to expect when working with me. 

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Client Testimonials 

To view testimonials from my clients, click the link below. 

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Finance Made Fun For Everyone 

My blog Finance Made Fun For Everyone where I talk about all things investing, personal finance, financial planning and investment advisory 

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Regulatory Disclosures 

Advisor's Details 

Name of the Advisor : Mr. K Akshay Nayak
Registration Number: INA200014672

Registration Type : Individual

Validity Of Registration : May 22nd 2020 - Perpetual
Registered Office And Correspondence Address : 11/14, Embassy Centre, High Grounds, Bangalore - 560001

Official Phone Number : 9980909085 (for business enquiries only)
Official Email ID : (for business enquiries only)
Local SEBI Office Address : 2nd Floor, Jeevan Mangal Building, No.4, Residency Road, Bengaluru - 560025, Karnataka 


1. Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BSE Administration and Supervision Limited (BASL) and certification from National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) in no way guarantee performance of the Investment Adviser or provide any assurance of returns to investors.
2. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing. 

Duties And Responsibilities Of Investors (SEBI Investor Charter Annexure A) 

Lays out duties, responsibilities and guidelines for investors. Prospective and existing clients are advised to go through the annexure linked below thoroughly. 

Statement Of Investor Complaints (SEBI Investor Charter Annexure B) 

Statement of investor complaints at the end of a particular month. The annexure linked below would be updated on a monthly basis before the 7th of every month. Prospective and existing clients can have a look at the annexure linked below at any time for their reference. (Zero complaints outstanding at present) 

Monthly Disposal Of Complaints 

Monthly trend of resolution of investor complaints. Anyone who visits the site can view the data at their discretion, by clicking the link below. (Zero complaints outstanding at present) 

Annual Disposal Of Complaints 

Trend of investor complaint resolution on an annual basis. Anyone who visits the site can view the data at their discretion, by clicking the link below. (Zero complaints outstanding at present) 

Status Of Compliance Audits 

Status of compliance audits conducted for the previous and current financial year. Anyone who visits the site can view the data at their discretion, by clicking the link below. 

Smart ODR Portal Circular 

Effective September 15th 2023, SEBI has introduced an Online Dispute Resolution portal for investors to address and resolve disputes with SEBI Registered Intermediaries. Please find the circular to this effect linked below. 

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Feel Free To Reach Out 

Mobile : 9980909085 (Please WhatsApp me on this number first, do not call it directly)

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